Prins Thomas

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Todd Rundgren/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm/Emil Nikolaisen

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Carmen Villain

“dulcet drone-pop meditations as supple as raw silk . . . Her singing seems to come from a place on the edge of sleep, where the Sandman takes the shape of a ’60s girl group muttering trance-inducing mantras. . . a molten sound, part electric folk and part industrial primitive, that shifts imperceptibly between soft-focus haze and cutting relief.” -SPIN magazine

The project of US born, half-Norwegian, half-Mexican singer/songwriter Carmen Hillestad, Carmen Villain makes ethereal yet challenging music. Her debut

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Idjut Boys

In a world in which trance DJs with names like Ferry, Armin and Tiësto plead for votes in the DJmag Top 100, it’s nice to know there are other, stranger, galaxies circling the more secular and mundane one in which we live. One such universe, Planet Idjut, is occupied by two otherwise unemployable characters called Daniel (Tyler) and Conrad (McConnell). It circles the other planets suspiciously, unwilling (or perhaps more pertinently, unable) to conform to the mores and habits of other mere mortals. They are, it

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Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry Blank Project is her first solo album in 16 years – a collaboration with RocketNumberNine, produced by Four Tet, and featuring a guest appearance by Robyn. The 10-track album, recorded and mixed over a 5-day period will be out February 25th, 2014 on Smalltown Supersound. It follows 2012’s The Cherry Thing, a collaborative record with free jazz, noise collective The Thing, which featured new versions of songs by The Stooges, MF Doom, Ornette Coleman, amongst others. While her energy and demeanor may not have changed since

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Brian Reitzell

What better place to create the ultimate driving album than Los Angeles, where Brian Reitzell lives and works? You might not immediately recognise his name, but you’ll certainly have stumbled across at least one corner of his massive portfolio, whether as the drummer in Redd Kross and with French electronica artists Air, or as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after music supervisors and composers. That’s his day job: Brian is the guy who gets to choose the music you hear in

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Kim Hiorthøy

My Last Day is the second full-length album from Kim Hiorthøy since his critically acclaimed debut Hei from 2000. Since then he has also released the 2002 album Melke (a collection of remixes, 7 inches, rejected tracks and tracks for compilations), several 7 inches and 12 inches as well as his three EPs in 2004: Hopeness, Live Shet (a live recording) and For The Ladies (a limited edition collection of field recordings). Since his debut album he has also toured

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“We are recording an album with our minds. It’s called “We Are Excited For The Rune Lindbaek Idjut Boys Collaboration.” (Fader Magazine)

„Leftfield blissed-out psychdisco supergroup alert!“ (Pitchfork)

London`s Idjut Boys (Dan Tyler & Conrad McConnell) and Rune Lindbaek of Oslo are Meanderthals. As longtime friends and fans of each other’s music they have discussed the idea of working together in a musical context for years and in 2008, they finally began to make those ideas a reality. Throughout the year they

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Mungolian Jetset

“a lush, alien soundworld somewhere between the ethnodelic mystery of Brian Eno and David Bryne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and the cheesy progtastic expansiveness of Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” (Tim Finney)

“Never content to settle into onecomfortable sound or approach, Mungolian Jetset treads the fine line between the bizarre and the relatable, between experimental and pop music, between organic and electronic instrumentation. Their uncanny compositions are as atmospheric as they are infectious, ethereal as they are danceable.”

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Raised on country and western music in the outskirts of the Norwegian oil town Stavanger, Lindstrom now lives in Oslo where he is making contemporary disco and running his Feedelity label. Claiming that “Hans-Peter Lindstrosm is closing in on Henrik Ibsen and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as being Norway’s poster boy of choice” (quoting an article on Piccadilly Records website) is obviously quite an overstatement, but nonetheless his original approach to dance music is currently causing quite a stir.

Following a consistent

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“Prozac-flavoured glory” (BBC Radio 3)

Toy is an electronic duo formed by UK composer Alisdair Stirling and producer Jorgen Traeen from Bergen, Norway. Toy’s playful tunes mix kids TV (Pingu, Radiophonic Workshop) and Japanese style electronica (YMO and Cornelius) with a touch of Scandinavian electro weirdness. They also manage to combine a flavour of incidental/elevator music with beats and grooves to create infectious pop. Stirling is behind the Bergen pop workshop/collective ‘House of Hiss’, working with Bergen producers The Sensible Twins

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Bjørn Torske

Bjørn Torske comes from the capital of electronic music in Norway, Tromsø, a small town far north over the artic circle. This town has bred great artists such as Mental Overdrive, Biosphere and Royksopp. Through Geir Jenssen, Torske got in touch with SSR/Crammed Discs in Belgium, and in 1991 he appeared on two separate 12″ singles on the label. Dutch label Djax-Up-Beats picked up on the talented young Norwegian, and the following years Torske released a string of underground 12″

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Recorded over the course of a year in which it’s author Alexis Georgopoulos relocated from California (San Francisco) to New York, The Soft Wave, ARP’s 2nd album, captures a transitional period. If his debut In Light found inspiration in the white light particular to California – not to mention a certain cultural isolation and an inclination towards pastoral Kosmishe records – The Soft Wave embodies a significant shift. It is a significant development.

The Soft Wave will rush up to you

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“Emotion-rich electronic disco epic” — IDJ Magazine

Following Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, diskJokke, also known as Joachim Dyrdahl, is the third artist out of the innovative Oslo scene to release a full-length album.

diskjokke was recently discovered by Prins Thomas who signed three tunes to his Full Pupp label (released on two 12” singles). Almost simultaneously in Germany, M.A.N.D.Y, DJ T and the Get Physical gang signed diskJokke for five other tunes (spread on two 12” singles) to their new Get Physical

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