• We welcome André Bratten to Smalltown Supersound!

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    Andre Bratten

    We`re very happy to welcome André Bratten to the Smalltown Supersound family!
    You can hear and read more over at The Fader or you can listen to the Soundcloud below

    Record Store Day exclusive! Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm 12″

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    Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 19.19.44

    We´re happy to announce that we will release a Record Store Day exclusive 12″ by Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen and Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. It will be a limited edition run of 1000 copies, released worldwide on, eh, Record Store Day!

    Here is track listing:

    Side A
    Runddans // Put Your Arms Around Me

    Side B
    Runddans // Anything (Vocal Outtake)

    Written, arranged, performed, recorded & mixed by Todd, Emil & Hans-Peter

    Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm “Runddans” album out 5. May

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    “Runddans is the record that Todd-heads have been waiting 40 years for. Cosmic disco pioneer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Emil Nikolaisen of Serena-Maneesh have taken Todd Rundgren back to the future, back to the mid-‘70s glory days of Todd and Initiation, albums filled with spiritual longing and a desire to achieve transcendence. Dense, complex, thrillingly intricate yet sweepingly emotional, here the original laptop kid and the Norwegian electronicists capture a long-lost time while also managing to sound utterly future-perfect“ – Paul Lester (MOJO)

    One track, 39 minutes of music.

    Runddans is result of the collaboration between Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Emil Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh). It’s a spiritual magnus- opus, that stands alongside Rundgren’s most worshipped trippy albums of the seventies, fusing his blue eyed soul with Lindstrom’s disco epics and Emil Nikolaisen’s studio trickery into a cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop and disco.

    The collaboration was born after Rundgren did a stomping remix of Lindstrøm’s track “Quiet Place To Live” in 2012 (Rundgren’s first ever remix). The three of them met in a studio in wintery Oslo that same year, and the music slowly mushroomed from there. Ideas grew and took u-turns that lead into a violently beautiful and strange creature.

    The highly detailed and cacophonous sound of the album clearly conveys the international feel characteristic of Rundgren’s cutting edge soul of his most studio-driven epic, 1973′s A Wizard A True Star, as well as his classics Todd and Initiation. The synthesizers, the restlessness, the suites, the sonic antics, and the search for understanding, fulfillment and good times: it’s all here. It also references his lost classic, the massively spiritual voice-only album A Capella from 1985. This, combined with Lindstrøm’s signature extended cosmic compositions and Emil’s psychedelic sound-quilting, paint the picture of three individuals on a journey towards musical bliss.

    Todd Rundgren/Emil Nikolaisen/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s Runddans is out May 5th on Smalltown Supersound, and available for pre-order now. While the album is one continuous song and meant to be listened to as such, it is broken down into 12 parts, listed below.

    Runddans tracklisting:

    Side A:
    B for Birth
    Liquid Joy from the Womb of Infinity
    Oppad, Over Skyene

    Side B:
    Put Your Arms Around Me
    Altar of Kauaian Six String (Todd’s Solo)

    Side C:
    Out of My Head (Lone Vibes)
    Rundt Rundt Rundt
    Wave of Heavy Red (Disko-Nektar)

    Side D:
    T.H.E. Golden Triangle (Dry Mouthed Gargoyles in a Fountain of Fluorescent Shepard Tones)
    Ravende Gal (Full Circle)
    Ohr..Um..Am..Amen (Aftermath)

    Todd Rundgren about the Runddans album

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    Neneh Cherry on her first ever Australia tour!

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    28/2 Perth International Arts Festival, AUS
    03/3 James Cabaret, Wellington, NZ
    04/3 Auckland Festival, Auckland, NZ
    06/3 Arts Centre Melbourne, AUS
    07/3 Golden Plains Festival, Meredith, AUS
    08/3 WOMADelaide, AUS
    11/3 Sydney Opera House, AUS

    You can buy tickets here

    We have signed Dan Lissvik!

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    We`re very happy to announce that we have signed Dan Lissvik! The Swedish duo Studio officially called it quits in January 2012, according to a note posted on the band’s website by member Dan Lissvik: “Thanks to all involved, see you in another shape and form.”

    With a brand new 12” titled “Shuvit!,” Dan Lissvik is officially back, under his own name. “Shuvit!” will be released February 10th and is the first in a series of 12”’s before an album is due in late 2015.

    via iTunes 
    via Amazon

    An Introduction to Dan Lissvik:
    Gothenburg-based producer Dan Lissvik was one half of the Swedish duo Studio. They released the critically acclaimed album West Coast in 2006 (on their own Information label) and it’s companion album, Yearbook 1 Compilation, in 2007. Studio officially broke up in 2012, but the project had been dormant for several years leading up to this. Not allowing the latent Studio period to deter his productivity, Lissvik released an album titled 7 Trx + Intermission under the D. Lissvik name in 2008 and a collaborative album with Fredrik Lindson (The Embassy) by the name of The Crêpes in 2009. In the period after Studio, he went on to produce records for the likes of CEO and Taken By Trees and remix Foals, Haim (both “Forever” and “Send Me Down”), The 1975, Fever Ray, amongs others. In December 2014, Lissvik released a limited, vinyl-only, surprise LP under the name Atelje, which sold out immediately.

    Bjørn Torske “Trøbbel” and “Nedi Myra” reissues

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    “Nedi Myra was one of the first house albums I bought, or at least that´s what I THOUGHT it was. Weird futuro-bossa and foggy disco-not-really-disco was more like it. And for years I actually thought that was Bjørn on the cover, and that he lived out in the woods with his guitar… tsk tsk.” – Todd Terje

    Smalltown Supersound is proud to announce that it is re-issuing the Holy Grail of Norwegian dance music, the first two albums, Nedi Myra and Trøbbel, by reclusive cult innovator from beyond the Arctic Circle Bjørn Torske. With the Norwegian disco movement having given birth to many international dance stars, now is a perfect time to go back and re-evaluate these brilliant records that provided the inspiration for a wave of producers in their wake. Debut album Nedi Myra was first released on UK label Ferox in 1998 and his second album, Trøbbel, originally came out on Telle Records in 2001. They have been out of print for many years and have not been distributed on any digital streaming sites. Now lovingly re-mastered by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, for the first time Bjørn feels that they sound as he intended them to sound. With all of Torske’s album discography now with their natural home, Smalltown Supersound, the label can finally feel complete.

    Together with the late Tore “Erot” Kroknes, Bjørn laid the foundation for the disco scene in Norway that gave birth to Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm, Andre Bratten and Todd Terje. Inspired by DJ Harvey, Ron Hardy and Idjut Boys, Bjorn Torske and Erot brought underground disco and house/techno (Chicago/Detroit style) to the country, developing their very own style of tripped out dubby disco with their characteristic weird, humorous and psychedelic twists along the way. With Torske as with many auteurs, he hasn’t always gotten the attention and credit he deserved. He is known for being reclusive, and an outsider, making music on his own terms and not playing by the rules of the record business. All of which has made him the musician’s musician.

    Get to know the production genius of Norwegian disco’s original Wilderness man.

    Listen to new Carmen Villain 7″ Quietly/Let Go

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    STS2607 packshot

    We have made a limited edition 7″ that will be out the 10th of February. But now you can hear both side A and side B here. Read more about it at Dummy Magazine

    Idjut Boys Japan exclusive 7″ out now!

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    idjut japan

    A Smalltown Supersound Japan exclusive! We have just released a Idjut Boys 7″ in Japan with two exclusive tracks: Le Wasuk (version) and Drum Hunter (version). Check it out if you`re in Japan (or on the internet somewhere..)

    Carmen Villain live at Eurosonic, Friday 16. January

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    Carmen Villain is back! She is presenting her new songs at Eurosonic, if you`re at the festival make sure to check out her concert on Friday, details here

    DJ Harvey’s Wildest Dreams – Last Ride – the video

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    Watch Neneh Cherry perform Buffalo Stance at Pitchfork Festival

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    Kim Hiorthøy new album “Dogs” out 22. September. Listen to new song here

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    Kim Hirthoy Dogs

    On his previous output, Kim Hiorthøy has mixed everything from folk, free-jazz, lo-fi electronics, acid, instrumental hip-hop and field recordings. On his third full-length album, Dogs, out September 23rd via Smalltown Supersound, Hiorthøy has stripped everything down to a minimum, and gone to the core of his characteristic sound. The album consists of mostly just piano and ambience with some beats, and on some tracks the occasional synth. Dogs is his purest and most beautiful album. Hiorthøy cites Jan Johansson as an inspiration, but says the music is still anchored in early hip-hop, sample-based music (though there are no samples on Dogs), and even the simple, cheesy melodies of some 90s rave tracks. That said, Dogs probably owes just as much to the roots of ambient music — the minimalist beauty of Harold Budd or even Eric Satie.
    Extraordinarily talented and expressive, Hiorthøy operates in many different fields in addition to music. A monograph of his graphic design work, Tree Weekend, was published by Die Gestalten Verlag in 2001. Since then, he has designed countless record covers for Smalltown Supersound and Rune Grammofon, as well as posters, books and book jackets. He is also a visual artist (check out www.standardoslo.no for more information about his art) and has worked as a cinematographer for documentaries and feature films. In addition to his albums, singles and EPs, Hiorthøy has written music for contemporary dance work in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

    Listen to DJ Harvey’s Wildest Dreams album on NPR

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    You can listen to the entire album by DJ Harvey’s Wildest Dreams over at NPR described by Edwin Pouncey in The Wire as “a wild ride” and “rabid acid spiked jams”, check it out!


    Great Wildest Dreams review in The Wire!

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    Brian Reitzell “Auto Music” out now!

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    You can buy Brian Reitzell’s wonderful debut album “Auto Music” here:




    Introducing our new subsidiary label, Brown Rice!

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    We`re pleased to present our new subsidiary label Brown Rice to the world! The label has its HQ in London and is run by our crew there. The name is a homage to the late Don Cherry’s great album with the same name, and Don is both the link and the connection between all of us involved in the label. And not least is he also a big inspiration!

    First two signings are Panes and Oscar. You can check out Oscars`s cool new video here and you can stream Panes wonderful new EP over at Dazed here

    We will set up a Brown Rice web site soon. Until then please follow us on
    Twitter here and on Facebook here.

    Thank you for listening!

    Introducing DJ Harvey’s Wildest Dreams!

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    Watch the new Neneh Cherry video by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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    Wildest Dreams – Record Store Day 19. April 2014

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    Wildest Dreams

    Brian Reitzell – Auto Music – debutalbum on Smalltown Supersound

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    What better place to create the ultimate driving album than Los Angeles, where Brian Reitzell lives and works? You might not immediately recognize his name, but you’ll certainly have stumbled across at least one corner of his massive portfolio, whether as the drummer in Redd Kross and Air, or as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after music supervisors and composers. In the past couple of years, he’s worked on Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land, the television series Hannibal and Boss, the mind blowing new video game Watch Dogs; he’s scored Elizabeth Price’s video installation West Hinder, and has collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never on various scores. Brian has turned music supervision into a creative practice (he thinks of himself as a ‘music conceptualist’), not only using his impeccable music taste to select more eclectic and adventurous cuts than you normally hear on screen, but also commissioning and producing new music from some of rock and pop’s most reticent geniuses. He persuaded My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields out of obscurity for Lost In Translation and secretly commissioned new music from Mark Hollis, the reclusive former singer of Talk Talk, for a snippet of which was used on Boss.

    Auto Music – Reitzell’s first solo release – began as a series of private recordings made at his studio to test out techniques and explore textures and sounds. He screened DVDs in his studio while making the album, so each track has a specific visual key, such as Spanish 70s art film Spirit Of The Beehive or the early pre-Fantasia animations of Oskar Fischinger. “I wasn’t making a pop record,“ Brian says, “I was experimenting with sounds to further my knowledge for creating music for my film projects and exploring new ways to make music.”

    The end results are far from dry experimentalism – instead they’re a marvelous evocation of coasting along California’s freeways, reveling in the blissful sensation of forward motion. “I wanted to make music that felt like my drive from my house to my studio – roughly six miles. I liked the structure of the drive: never repeating, unless I forgot something at home and had to go back! It was sort of like ‘event music’ where little things come into view and then another one takes its place as you drive past.”

    Brian Reitzell’s Auto Music is out June 10th on Smalltown Supersound. Listen below to “Last Summer,” the album’s opening track inspired by a conversation with Kevin Shields, who also plays organ on the track.

    Personnel on Auto Music:
    Brian Reitzell
    Kevin Shields
    Dave Palmer
    Roger J. Manning Jr.
    Tim Young
    Jim James
    Mike Dillon

    Auto Music Tracklisting:
    1. Last Summer
    2. Ozu Choral
    3. Ozu
    4. Gaudi
    5. Auto Music 1
    6. Beehive
    7. Oskar
    8. Honeycomb
    9. Auto Music 2

    You can pre-order the album here:

    Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Emil Nikolaisen album on Smalltown Supersound!

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    Todd HP Emil

    We are very happy to announce the collaborative album of Todd Rudgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Emil Nikolaisen. You can read more about it on Pitchfork here.

    Watch the Neneh & Robyn video!

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    Neneh Cherry 8 out of 10 NME review

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    Listen to Neneh Cherry & Robyn “Out Of The Black”

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    You can read more at Pitchfork here, or listen to our Soundcloud below

    Last fall, Neneh Cherry made an exciting announcement – she was returning with her first album of solo material in more than 16 years. A collaboration with RocketNumberNine, and produced by Four Tet, the ten-track album, titled Blank Project, was recorded and mixed in five days. Today, Neneh reveals the lead single, “Out of the Black” featuring kindred spiritRobyn.

    “Out of the Black” features Neneh and Robyn harmonizing together and throwing lines back and forth. Production by Four Tet and minimal synth and drum work by RocketNumberNine underpin the sweet vocal work of the two iconic Swedish artists. Before now, the two have been vocal about inspiring each other, with Robyn covering Neneh’s songs in her live shows. One need only check the history of Neneh putting a subversive foot forward and letting popular music catch up. Growing up around father Don Cherry’s friends Miles Davis and Allen Ginsburg, she launched her solo career with a Falkland’s protest song called “Stop The War.” In the early 80s, she was in the pioneering multi-ethnic, anarchic, post-punk group, Rip Rig + Panic; she brought hip-hop culture to a British audience with “Buffalo Stance” (redefining cool by performing pregnant on “Top of the Pops”) and had the first global hit to feature the Senegalese language, Wolof, “7 Seconds.” With “Out of the Black” featuring Robyn and a remix by dance floor maven Joe Goddard (Hot Chip, 2Bears) still to come, Neneh is emerging out of the black with another vital blast of buzzing cold music.

    Neneh Cherry great 4/5 review in Mojo Magazine

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    Neneh Mojo

    Neneh Cherry: Another Villalobos & Loderbauer remix!

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    Ricahrdo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer have done 2 remixes of Neneh Cherry’s track Everything. Now we are premiering their wonderful Low Blood Pressure remix.

    You can buy the original and the 2 remixes on iTunes now!

    Buy STS slipmats from our Superstore now

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    STS slipmat

    You can buy our brand new slipmats from our Superstore mailorder here.

    Watch Neneh Cherry perform two new songs on Studio 360

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    Neneh Cherry Pitchfork interview

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    Check out this great interview that Pitchfork did with Neneh Cherry here: Pitchfork

    Carmen Villain in Smalltown session

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    Introducing Smalltown Sessions!
    Kicking off with Carmen Villain performing a stripped down version of her song Lifeissin. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

    Buy slipmats from our Superstore

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    You can buy these cool slipmats for your recordplayer at our Superstore here now.

    Hear Carmen Villain remixed by Peaking Lights and Bjørn Torske

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    Carmen Villian (aka the newly Norwegian-based Carmen Hillestad) released her tempestuous debut album, Sleeper, earlier this year via Smalltown Supersound. Throughout, Carmen showed her creative range and distinctive production style as she plastered dreamlike vocals over loose, abrasive instrumental tracks on which she played guitar, bass, drum machines, keyboards and percussion. Following an initial 12” featuring album single “Lifeissin” and Prins Thomas’ excellent remix, Smalltown Supersound is now releasing a follow-up 12” featuring psychedelic and epic remixes of other standout album tracks by labelmate Bjørn Torske, Peaking Lights and the previously shared remix by Optimo’s JD Twitch. Listen to all below.

    Neneh Cherry “Blank Project” album details

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    Following last month’s announcement that Neneh Cherry will release her first solo album in 16 years – a collaboration with RocketNumberNine, produced by Four Tet, and featuring a guest appearance by Robyn – Neneh is now ready to share further details of this forthcoming record with the world. The 10-track album, recorded and mixed over a 5-day period, will be titled Blank Project, and it will be out February 25th, 2014 on Smalltown Supersound. It follows 2012’s The Cherry Thing, a collaborative record with free jazz, noise collective The Thing, which featured new versions of songs by The Stooges, MF Doom, Ornette Coleman, amongst others.

    While her energy and demeanor may not have changed since the days of Rip Rig + Panic, musically, Blank Project is a departure from anything Neneh has previously done, initially written as a means of working through personal tragedy. What stands out upon first listen is the album’s sparseness: loose drums and a few synthesizers are the only accompaniment to Neneh’s wildly poetic, sometimes-spoken, sometimes-screeching, soul-flooded and raw vocals. The space created by this minimal aesthetic leaves room for occasional pistes and flurries of rapid, yet throbbing and thunderous instrumentation. Featuring combined elements of beat poetry, avant-electronica and beautiful vocal melodies, it’s a record that uses simple ideas to create something entirely original. And despite the personal struggles, Neneh was working through in writing this new material, the songs are far from introverted.

    As many are aware, the stories from Neneh’s early years are astonishing. She spent her childhood living 50/50 between a loft in New York and in the South of Sweden with her mother and stepfather, the legendary jazz musician Don Cherry. She’s been lifted onto Miles Davis’ lap, Allen Ginsberg regularly passed through their home in an evening and as she got older, she could pop in on Arthur Russell, Talking Heads and The Modern Lovers who all lived in the same loft complex in Long Island City New York. At 14, she started taking trips to Harlem with Ari Up of the Slits at a time when few would venture so far uptown. Soon after, she left home and moved to London, and spent the next 20 years inside the crucial developments in British subculture. As post-punk became the site of 80s Britain’s artistic and political resistance, she helped form the anarchic multi-ethnic, multi-genre Rip, Rig + Panic, and she was one of the first to bring hip-hop culture to a British audience with “Buffalo Stance” and Raw Like Sushi. Although at points her career had brushes with the mainstream, Neneh remained staunchly counter-culture.

    Through post-punk’s adherence to mixed-race line-ups and anti-government stance, to UK rap’s refusal of the conventions of pop, trip-hop’s connection with the politicized elements of rave culture and, through 1996’s Man, where Neneh introduced elements of Senegalese language to mainstream audiences for the first time via the mammoth “7 Seconds” single featuring Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour, and now, with Blank Project, Neneh continues to arrive at moments in musical history when there is an opportunity to subvert ideas of popular culture. She is subverting once again, only this time, although this record is musically bold, Neneh sees the stasis she’s challenging isn’t musical or societal, but her own.

    Blank Project Tracklisting:
    01. Across The Water
    02. Blank Project
    03. Naked
    04. Spit Three Times
    05. Weightless
    06. Cynical
    07. 422
    08. Out Of The Black (featuring Robyn)
    09. Dossier
    10. Everything

    Bjørn Torske “Kok EP”

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    Bjørn Torske’s “Kok” EP, available digitally and on LP December 10th on Smalltown Supersound, marks the final release in Torkse’s Kok (“to boil”) trilogy. It began with the beautiful album, Kokning [Nov. 2010], was followed by the “Oppkok” 12” [Jan. 2012], featuring remixes by DJ Harvey and Todd Terje, and ends here with the “Kok” EP, which finds Torske in a more experimental mood; his love for The Residents, Count Ossie, Moondog and This Heat is more audible. Recorded around the same time as Kokning through a series of experimental studio sessions, the tracks are built on a more organic and acoustic foundation with less programmed patterns than Torske’s previous albums. The result is a darker and more psychedelic sound, yet still very much Torske’s own.

    Download ARP’s wonderful autumn mix: Wild Is The Wind

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    Here you can download another one of the fantastic Arp mixes! Go to Root Strata

    GARY SHEARSTON – Faded Streets, Windy Weather
    JAACO GARNDER – The End of August
    GUY BOYER & GUY PEDERSEN – Courant Ascentionnel
    WOLFGANG DAUNER – Mellodrama Nr. 2A
    GEORGES DELERUE – Brouillard (Version 2)
    DUNCAN BROWNE -Here and Now
    McDONALD & GILES – Flight Of The Ibis
    IKE MATHEWS – So Quiet
    KEVIN AYERS – Margaret
    GEORGES DELERUE – King of Hearts Le Repos
    KAY GARDNER – Prayer to Aphrodite
    AMAZING BLONDEL – Celestial Light
    MARCOS VALLE – Bodas de Sangue
    GEORGES DELERUE – Ballade pour flûte et harpe
    JEAN BOSCO MWENDA – Massanga
    THE WHO – Tattoo
    MARGO GURYAN – Thoughts
    LAURENT PETITREGARD – Ballade Pour Cathy
    BROSELMASCHINE – Gitarrenstück
    CAETANO VELOS – London, London
    STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS – Smiling Penguins
    JOHN & BEVERLY MARTYN -Tomorrow Time

    Neneh Cherry album produced by Four Tet to be released on Smalltown Supersound

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    We are very happy to announce that we will release Neneh Cherry’s first soloalbum in 16 years, produced by our friend Four Tet and featuring a guestapperance by Robyn. Read more details over at Pitchfork here

    Listen to Peaking Lights remix of Arp in NY Times

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    Check out Peaking Lights’ great remix of ARP in NY Times’ T-Magazine here

    Great Arp review in Monocle

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    Smalltown Supersound interview on Vice’s Thump site

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    You can read an interview that Smalltown Supersound founder Joakim Haugland did with Vice Magazine’s Thump site here.

    Watch Carmen Villain perform Kurt Vile’s He’s Alright

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    Watch Rocketnumbernine “Lope” video

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    Rocketnumbernine “MeYouWeYou” 4/5 and electronica album of the month in Mojo Magazine

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    Listen to new ARP track on Fader

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    “an album of painstakingly produced, walking-paced pop songs that one might easily mistake for a lost collaborative album between the likes of Brian Eno, Kevin Ayers and any number of long-haired, arty prog-rockers who made music out Canterbury, England, in the late ’60s”. Read and listen on Fader  here.

    Lindstrøm video by Kristoffer Borgli

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    Carmen Villain Sun City Girls mixtape for Self Titled Magazine

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    Check out this cool mixtape that Carmen Villain made for Self-Titled Magazine, plus read her travel essay.

    ARP: Hear track from the new album “More”

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    “Grace,” the poet Frank O’Hara once wrote, “to be born and live as variously as possible.” Though early in his musical career, this ambitious but certainly worthy aspiration toward “variousness” might be said to be the defining characteristic behind the artistic output of Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp.

    After all, not many people can claim to have curated and performed at New York’s downtown bastion of the avant–garde, The Kitchen (where Laurie Anderson, Glenn Branca and Philip Glass cut their teeth), to have been DJ’ed by NY underground disco pioneer David Mancuso (at his legendary party The Loft), to have soundtracked a Chanel runway show per Karl Lagerfeld’s request and to have released an album of minimalistic classical music (Arp & Anthony Moore’sFRKWYS 3 [RVNG Intl]).

    Perhaps best described as a pop album by an avant–garde musician, MORE is an album that begins in one place and ends in another, melding bedroom art–pop with avant-garde composition to create a world of heady atmospherics and melodic song craft over its concentrated 46 minute arc. Played almost entirely by Georgopoulos, MORE reveals an impressive grasp of style and vision, following a distinct narrative, dipping into 70s art rock, autumnal baroque pop, musique concréte, minimalistic piano epics, narcotic gospel, sound library atmospheres, and delicate space folk.

    After touring The Soft Wave, Georgopoulos took a break from performing live, choosing instead to work on projects in the worlds of art and modern dance, creating sound installations at the Walker Art Centerfor hotly-tipped architect/designers ROLU, making a conceptual Flexi-Disc 7″ for White Zinfandelmagazine, contributing a track for a Sol Lewitt tribute album, scoring a dance piece for Merce Cunninghamdancer Jonah Bokaer, and most recently, performing a site-specific collaboration with visual artist Tauba Auerbach at Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

    Although 2010’s The Soft Wave (a New York Times“Notable Album of 2010”) may be his most–heard album so far, Georgopoulos’ 2010 collaboration with Englishman Anthony Moore may provide more appropriate background for MORE. Not merely content to espouse the voguish sounds of the day, Georgopoulos decided early in 2012 that he’d abandon his analog synthesizer–centric abstractions in favor of something he’d never done, write songs. The better to challenge himself. As such, with MORE, he has made his first album–length foray into song.

    The 12 pieces that make up MORE might best be heard as distinct scenes in a single film. And this being his first New York album, the city figures in significantly, both in scale and in character. “High–Heeled Clouds” locates its protagonist amongst the well–heeled, boutiqued mirages of Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, a lilting waltz and a tale of delusional souls and refracting mirrors. “Judy Nylon” is all highbrow primitivism, chugging forward on an adrenaline rush of Phil Manzanera–like fuzz guitars and locomotive rhythm, picking up speed as it builds. The otherworldly, baroque atmospheres of “A Tiger In The Hall at Versailles” are a tale in contrast, with the tension of the harpsichord–led verses giving way to a lush, doe–eyed chorus, akin to a shaft of light breaking through a sinister scene. “E2 Octopus” is the first of three candy–coated morsels of musique concréte onMORE, revealing a love of innovators like BBC’s Delia Derbyshire and Bernard Parmegiani and tactile field recordings. Moved by the premature passing of Broadcast chanteuse Trish Keenan, “Light+Sound”is a delicate, moving ballad awash in Mellotron and harpsichord, calling to mind the kind of softly psychedelic, autumnal atmospheres Robert Wyatt has specialized in. “17th Daydream” begins in the open air of the country and travels, by air and rail, to the rising steam of the city. The very New York–inspired, minimalist mini–epic “Gravity (for Charlemagne Palestine)” is an alternate Empire State theme, an ecstatic pull portrayed by an always–ascending pillar of sound chugging on piano, cello and spiraling guitars. “More (Blues)” suggests a stoned choirboy fronting a gospel church group, Georgopoulos’ delicate delivery melding with the song’s narcotic sway. The misty mix of astral folk and beach–influenced atmospherics of “Daphne & Chloe” is, simply, epic. Finally, closer “Persuasion” rides into the sun, a bookend in the form of overdriven fuzz guitars and Moog synthesizer.

    MORE establishes Georgopoulos not as a stylistic shapeshifter but rather as a restless artist not content to stay put. Like a visual artist who works on a particular body of work within a larger body of work, he makes albums as complete wholes. And then he makes another. If MORE seems like quite a different beast from The Soft Wave or FRKWYS 3, as the dust settles, they will reveal an artist who follows his own trajectory, regardless of trend. If MORE proves we do not know what Georgopoulos might do next, his work is all the more compelling for it.

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