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Hear Carmen Villain remixed by Peaking Lights and Bjørn Torske

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Carmen Villian (aka the newly Norwegian-based Carmen Hillestad) released her tempestuous debut album, Sleeper, earlier this year via Smalltown Supersound. Throughout, Carmen showed her creative range and distinctive production style as she plastered dreamlike vocals over loose, abrasive instrumental tracks on which she played guitar, bass, drum machines, keyboards and percussion. Following an initial 12” featuring album single “Lifeissin” and Prins Thomas’ excellent remix, Smalltown Supersound is now releasing a follow-up 12” featuring psychedelic and epic remixes of other standout album tracks by labelmate Bjørn Torske, Peaking Lights and the previously shared remix by Optimo’s JD Twitch. Listen to all below.

Neneh Cherry “Blank Project” album details

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Following last month’s announcement that Neneh Cherry will release her first solo album in 16 years – a collaboration with RocketNumberNine, produced by Four Tet, and featuring a guest appearance by Robyn – Neneh is now ready to share further details of this forthcoming record with the world. The 10-track album, recorded and mixed over a 5-day period, will be titled Blank Project, and it will be out February 25th, 2014 on Smalltown Supersound. It follows 2012’s The Cherry Thing, a collaborative record with free jazz, noise collective The Thing, which featured new versions of songs by The Stooges, MF Doom, Ornette Coleman, amongst others.

While her energy and demeanor may not have changed since the days of Rip Rig + Panic, musically, Blank Project is a departure from anything Neneh has previously done, initially written as a means of working through personal tragedy. What stands out upon first listen is the album’s sparseness: loose drums and a few synthesizers are the only accompaniment to Neneh’s wildly poetic, sometimes-spoken, sometimes-screeching, soul-flooded and raw vocals. The space created by this minimal aesthetic leaves room for occasional pistes and flurries of rapid, yet throbbing and thunderous instrumentation. Featuring combined elements of beat poetry, avant-electronica and beautiful vocal melodies, it’s a record that uses simple ideas to create something entirely original. And despite the personal struggles, Neneh was working through in writing this new material, the songs are far from introverted.

As many are aware, the stories from Neneh’s early years are astonishing. She spent her childhood living 50/50 between a loft in New York and in the South of Sweden with her mother and stepfather, the legendary jazz musician Don Cherry. She’s been lifted onto Miles Davis’ lap, Allen Ginsberg regularly passed through their home in an evening and as she got older, she could pop in on Arthur Russell, Talking Heads and The Modern Lovers who all lived in the same loft complex in Long Island City New York. At 14, she started taking trips to Harlem with Ari Up of the Slits at a time when few would venture so far uptown. Soon after, she left home and moved to London, and spent the next 20 years inside the crucial developments in British subculture. As post-punk became the site of 80s Britain’s artistic and political resistance, she helped form the anarchic multi-ethnic, multi-genre Rip, Rig + Panic, and she was one of the first to bring hip-hop culture to a British audience with “Buffalo Stance” and Raw Like Sushi. Although at points her career had brushes with the mainstream, Neneh remained staunchly counter-culture.

Through post-punk’s adherence to mixed-race line-ups and anti-government stance, to UK rap’s refusal of the conventions of pop, trip-hop’s connection with the politicized elements of rave culture and, through 1996’s Man, where Neneh introduced elements of Senegalese language to mainstream audiences for the first time via the mammoth “7 Seconds” single featuring Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour, and now, with Blank Project, Neneh continues to arrive at moments in musical history when there is an opportunity to subvert ideas of popular culture. She is subverting once again, only this time, although this record is musically bold, Neneh sees the stasis she’s challenging isn’t musical or societal, but her own.

Blank Project Tracklisting:
01. Across The Water
02. Blank Project
03. Naked
04. Spit Three Times
05. Weightless
06. Cynical
07. 422
08. Out Of The Black (featuring Robyn)
09. Dossier
10. Everything

Bjørn Torske “Kok EP”

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Bjørn Torske’s “Kok” EP, available digitally and on LP December 10th on Smalltown Supersound, marks the final release in Torkse’s Kok (“to boil”) trilogy. It began with the beautiful album, Kokning [Nov. 2010], was followed by the “Oppkok” 12” [Jan. 2012], featuring remixes by DJ Harvey and Todd Terje, and ends here with the “Kok” EP, which finds Torske in a more experimental mood; his love for The Residents, Count Ossie, Moondog and This Heat is more audible. Recorded around the same time as Kokning through a series of experimental studio sessions, the tracks are built on a more organic and acoustic foundation with less programmed patterns than Torske’s previous albums. The result is a darker and more psychedelic sound, yet still very much Torske’s own.

Download ARP’s wonderful autumn mix: Wild Is The Wind

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Here you can download another one of the fantastic Arp mixes! Go to Root Strata

GARY SHEARSTON – Faded Streets, Windy Weather
JAACO GARNDER – The End of August
GUY BOYER & GUY PEDERSEN – Courant Ascentionnel
WOLFGANG DAUNER – Mellodrama Nr. 2A
GEORGES DELERUE – Brouillard (Version 2)
McDONALD & GILES – Flight Of The Ibis
KEVIN AYERS – Margaret
GEORGES DELERUE – King of Hearts Le Repos
KAY GARDNER – Prayer to Aphrodite
AMAZING BLONDEL – Celestial Light
MARCOS VALLE – Bodas de Sangue
GEORGES DELERUE – Ballade pour flûte et harpe
THE WHO – Tattoo
BROSELMASCHINE – Gitarrenstück
CAETANO VELOS – London, London

Neneh Cherry album produced by Four Tet to be released on Smalltown Supersound

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We are very happy to announce that we will release Neneh Cherry’s first soloalbum in 16 years, produced by our friend Four Tet and featuring a guestapperance by Robyn. Read more details over at Pitchfork here

Listen to Peaking Lights remix of Arp in NY Times

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Check out Peaking Lights’ great remix of ARP in NY Times’ T-Magazine here

Great Arp review in Monocle

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Smalltown Supersound interview on Vice’s Thump site

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You can read an interview that Smalltown Supersound founder Joakim Haugland did with Vice Magazine’s Thump site here.

Stream ARP’s great new album on The Fader

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You can stream Arp’s beautiful new album on The Fader here now. The album is out on LP, CD and digital 17th of September.

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