Supersilent in The New York Times

Supersilent in The New York Times

Supersilent in New York Times' playlist of the weeks most notable new songs!

Here is what they say: Free improvisation has often been associated with an acoustic jazz palette, but Supersilent — a deeply serious band formed almost 20 years ago in Oslo — makes music of synthetic, often alien effect. All of the group’s albums, typically recorded live in reverberant spaces, are titled in sequence, and “13” — just out on the stylish Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound — has enough ominous tension to justify numerical superstitions. In fact, you could do worse than to make this album a cornerstone of your Halloween soundtrack this year: any trick-or-treaters approaching your doorstep will be duly horrified by the blurting pipe organ on the second half of a track called “13.5.” N.C.