Razika interview in The Fader

Norway’s Razika made a sweet, sweet album Program 91 (91 as in 1991 as in the year they were born!) that’s so sugary it almost gave us a toothache. That’s a compliment. They’re 20 years old, high school’s over, things are good. So many people are trying so many complicated things with music, it can be nice to hear something that’s just about the joy of being young and wanting to go on strolls in the park with boys you like. The Ramones understood that, and so does Razika. We interviewed the band’s very excited singer Marie Amdam, who only lost her bubbly vibe once, and rightfully so, to talk about the recent tragedy in their home country of Norway. Read what she has to say about that and lighter subjects, and pick up Program 91, out August 16 on Smalltown Supersound.

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