Premiere: Lindstrøm/Todd Terje/Diskjokke trio aka Smalltown Superstars

Fader has got a very special collaboration together for Oslo´s

By:Larm Festival

Thursday 17. February at Stratos venue. For the very first time on the same stage the space disco kings; Lindstrom, Todd Terje and Diskjokke aka Smalltown Superstars. In addition Fader will also present the swedish Niki and the Dove (Moshi Moshi). After the gigs there will be DJ sets from Fader and the DFA label. Then Matthew Schnipper from Fader and NYC buddy Jonathan Galkin from DFA Records (LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip) will spin records together.

From Matthew Schnipper / Fader Magazine:
From New York, it's always seemed magical that Scandinavia has so much warm music. How is it that some place that touches the Arctic Circle can make variations on dance music that seem appropriate only to be played in the summertime with distant fireworks? Yet somehow some of the most fun, most ecstatic music we hear is coming from such a small scene. So, asked to host a FADER event at by:Larm it seemed an obvious choice to pull in acts there (Norway) that fit in so seamlessly here (New York). We are lucky enough that Lindstrom,Todd Terje and Diskjokke are coming together to perform as a trio, something undoubtedly worth trekking out in the Nordic winter for. And that Niki and the Dove, a group who is soon to be, FADER thinks, pretty important in the States play not too far from their home in Sweden. So as much as we wanted to put together a strong event for others, we selfishly wanted to see some music we love. Hopefully you will, too.