A Personal Note about: Prins Thomas Principe Del Norte Remixed

A Personal Note about: Prins Thomas Principe Del Norte Remixed

A Personal Note are thoughts, feelings, reflections and insights to our releases written by Smalltown Supersound’s founder.

If anybody had told me in my teens that I was going to release anything by The Orb, I would have laughed. The Orb were huge for me! Their Peel Sessions and their Adventures Beyond The Underworld are some of my favourite albums. And now The Orb has remixed Prins Thomas, not once, but twice! These two remixes together with 2 remixes by Ricardo Villalobos, Young Marco, Sun Araw, I:Cube, Gerd Jansen, Hieroglypic Being (also 2 remixes) as well as Dungen’s first ever remix, makes this more than just a remix album. This is a compendium to Principe Del Norte. A sequel. A follow-up. And it flows beautifully strange just like Thomas’ wonderful Paradise Goulash, where he mixes the unmixable into my all-time favourite mix album. And there are a lot of comparisons as this remix album features most of the the artists featured on Paradise Goulash. I feel like this remix album is the end to a very busy and fantastic year in Prins Thomas’ musical life.

The album is sequenced by Thomas and it flows like a dream. Listen to it from start to finish and sink deep into his cosmic galactic prisms.

Joakim Haugland, November 2016