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After running a podcast from fellow Norwegian space-disco maverick Diskjokke just two weeks ago, it might seem like it's a little soon to post an exclusive mix from Lindstrøm. However, while Diskjokke put together a solid, dancefloor-oriented DJ session, Lindstrøm has gone in a completely different direction. Rather than simply showing off all of the latest dubs or showcasing his limited-edition vintage gems, the veteran artist has assembled a diverse collection of tunes, and although it has not been officially tabbed as an "influences" mix, the varied styles on display—primarily late-'70s and early-'80s prog rock, psych, jangle pop, and disco—all reflect a small piece of the sound that has come to define Lindstrøm's artistic output. It's certainly not what we—or probably anyone, for that matter—would have expected from a Lindstrøm podcast, but it's certainly an interesting listen.

01 Teen Inc "Fountains" (Teen Inc)
02 Kirsty MacColl "A New England" (Stiff)
03 Turns "Time" (VME)
04 John Klemmer "Ecstasy" (ABC)
05 Brian Briggs "I Want It" (Bearsville)
06 Intergalactic Touring Band "Heartbreaker" (Harvest)
07 Wally Badarou "One Day, Won't Give It Away" (Barclay)
08 Bernhard Jobski "Pu 94" (Polydor)
09 Edward Larry Gordon "All Pervading" (Universal Sound)
10 Big Louis "French Kiss" (Living Beat)
11 Clair "Ya Papa" (Sun Trek)
12 Gino Vannelli "Appaloosa" (A&M)
13 Kowalski "Ultradeterminanten" (Virgin)
14 Phil Lynott "Yellow Pearl" (Phonogram)
15 Earth and Fire "Singer In the Rain" (Qcumber)
16 David Matthews "Space Oddity" (CTI)