"Having kick-started the cosmic disco rebirth, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is now expanding it - in every sense. Where You Go I Go Too is a suite of three epic, shape-shifting tracks that take his key influences (Cerrone, Moroder) and build skyscrapers on them. Sometimes Lindstrøm rings his changes with flair, such as the introduction, seven minutes into the half-hour-long opening track, of a dramatic synth melody slashing through the clouds, or the triumphant handclaps, 17 minutes later. Other shifts are almost imperceptible, such as the tempo changes and the gradual layering of sounds that set the scene for the record's many peaks. Where You Go I Go Too is a triumph of sound design, as impeccably crafted as a Starck chair - and as geared to comfort, too. Every aspect of the record seems tailor-made to produce maximum pleasure: washes of sound soothe and restore, melodic climaxes send blood rushing to the head. Lindstrøm recommends listening while travelling; indeed, Where You Go I Go Too would make even the most hellish of journeys seem like a first-class trip." (4/5, Guardian)