Lindstrøm & Christabelle 14th best album on XLR8R

Real Life Is No Cool owes more to '80s R&B and radio funk (à la Bar-Kays or Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle) than it does Lindstrøm's typical fare (Kosmische and Moroder-esque disko), and we were pleasantly surprised by the producer's about-face this time around. Featuring vocals from his wonderful collaborator Christabelle (a.k.a. Isabelle Haarseth Sandoo), Lindstrøm's approach to production is delightfully all over the map on this one, with plenty of the expected arpeggiated synths augmented by tinkly pianos, Euro-style coos, and a sensuality that most of Scandinavia's cosmic disco hardly ever achieves. Start with "Lovesick" and then finish with the absolute heart-stopper "High & Low."

Check it out on XLR8R here.