JD Twitch from Optimo talks about producing Tussle

Here is a

blog piece

from JD Twitch about producing, and him producing Tussle's next album:

This year I was asked to produce a record for the first time. Well, I had been asked before but couldn't do it as doing Optimo every week took up too much time and I didn't feel ready to do it. One of the reasons for ending Optimo as a weekly club was to have the opportunity to do different things so when I was asked to work with Sons and Daughters I leapt at the opportunity. The entire process was a long but joyful experience that really couldn't go wrong as they had written (imo) their best set of songs, were completely energised and we were working with a phenomenal recording engineer - Sam Smith at Green Door studios in Glasgow. No computers were involved in making the record (it was recorded to tape) which for someone who spends around 70% of their waking life staring at a computer screen was extremely refreshing. The album has been perfectly mixed by one of my back room heroes, Gareth Jones. It's definitely amongst the most creatively rewarding experiences I've had and something I think I'd like to do a little more of. I also helped San Francisco's Tussle produce their record which was done in a completely different way - a brief session in Glasgow and much exchanging of huge files across the internet. This is still ongoing but hopefully I'll have finished piecing it together early in 2011.