Idjut Boys - Versions - out 28. August!

Idjut Boys - Versions - out 28. August!

To say London's Idjut Boys are icons of the dance music scene and legends in their own right is an understatement. For over 20 years, Conrad McDonnell and Dan Tyler have been doing everything together, from DJ’ing to producing to partying. The self-taught Brits met in the late 80s at clubs that the likes of DJ Harvey spun, and shortly thereafter, hooked on the lifestyle, decided to switch from being mere observers to participants and auteurs. Versions is a collection of avant dub/disco jams. These are versions of Idjut Boys’ own music throughout the years, pulled from hundreds of hours of music stuck in their vaults. Smalltown Supersound finally got them to stick their heads into the dusty vaults and bring out some of the best versions and make an album. It’s the album that we've always wanted to hear from them, the ultimate Idjut Boys album. Album closer “Lovehunter Dub,” shared today via FACT Mag, is a perfect example of Versions’ loose and abstract beauty. Versions is out 8/28 on Smalltown Supersound.