Hear new Mungolian Jetset track on MTV Hive

Check out a new track called "We Are The Shining" from the album "Schlungs" on MTV Hive



Imagine the disco-electronic sounds of Röyksopp meeting up with the futuristic mythology surrounding George Clinton‘s legacy and you’ve got the makings of Norwegian duo Mungolian Jetset. They’ve created their own secret language, called “Mung Su,” created a fantasy world with soldiers known as the “Knights of Jumungus,” and they’re really into poetry. Such is classic geek fodder, but these two dudes have figured out how to make this all sound chic.

On the group’s first proper full length, Schlungs, the duo mix the dark grooves with the disco-pop on tracks like “Bella Laney” and “2010: A Space Woodsey,” which riffs off Star Wars and 2001: A Space Oddessey all at once. Which makes for a very playful approach, the way dance music is supposed to be. “We Are the Shining” is the first track to emerge from Schlungs — a five minute, ’80s disco-inspired synth-jam that takes that playfulness and fills a prescription for any pending apocalyptic moments that may be upon us: “Dance for the end of time,” the Jetsetters suggest. It’s a language anyone can understand.

Schlungs is out October 11 on Smalltown Supersound.