Great Mr Tophat and Robyn New York Times review

Great Mr Tophat and Robyn New York Times review

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The dance floor has always been a zone of controlled abandon for Robyn, and especially in the last few years, as pop directness became less of a priority for her. “Trust Me” is the title track of an EP set for release in January, which she made with her fellow Swede, the house producer Mr. Tophat. The track is an unhurried disco seduction, sprawling to 10 minutes without overstaying its welcome. Robyn’s vocals move gradually to the foreground from a distant place in the mix, and her lyrics feel almost free-associative: “Mmm, the pretty starlight/Yeah, here’s what we like.” The looseness is hypnotic, extending to an accumulation of stray sonic details, like the series of fills played by Per Lindvall, the Swedish session drummer. And the song’s imploring message, as simple yet layered as its title, suits everyone involved. N.C.