‘DON’T STOP’ is ANNIE’s second album and highlights that she is right at the forefront of 2009’s brilliantly varied musical landscape. It’s an album that sounds both instantly catchy and utterly beguiling, mainstream and underground all at once. A totally independent and self-created artist, ANNIE is a rare popstar – one who has written and created her own album – as well as personally assembling her own team, including her producers and musicians.
Complementing ANNIE’s pick ‘n’ mix, Pitchfork-to-Popjustice, genrehopping pincer movement are an array of handpicked associates: ‘DON’T STOP’ reunites ANNIE with Timo Kaukolampi and Richard X - collaborators from her debut album – and introduces a host of new friends like Paul Epworth (Block Party, Primal Scream, Florence and the Machine), Xenomania and Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. It’s an twelve-course feast for the modern musical connoisseur, an effortless blend with ANNIE centre stage, the NME declaring ‘with ‘poppy’ becoming every Indie ne’er-do-well’s buzz word there may be some confusion as to what good pop actually is. Answer: Annie.’

‘DON’T STOP’ makes perfect sense of pop’s brilliant extremes; this is, after all, the work of a woman whose cat Joey was named after her favourite Ramone and her favourite New Kid On The Block.