"Who knew that Norway had a space program? The first beneficiaries - after the herring they sent into orbit in the `50s, obviously - are Kristiansund cosmonauts 120 Days, who have transferred the celestial humming of the Milky Way`s darkest corners directly on to tape. We jest, of course. They`ve been listening to a lot of Spacemen 3 records. But despite following every space-rock cliche in the book - enormous proggy synths, echo-drenched, hard-drug use with a religious epiphany - 120 Days have made a compelling debut album, largely because they never leave you drifting without a twinkling melody or a thundering Krautrock rhythm to cling on to. Fans of Spiritualized, Secret Machines and NASA-strength skunk should set the co-ordinates without delay" (Sam Richards, NME)