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Aug. 17, 2015 - Aug. 23, 2015

  • Andre Bratten

    Andre Bratten

    Norway's André Bratten grew up in Oslo on the border between a bustling city and a dense forest. That juxtaposition has informed his sound as he skillfully imbues cosmic disco with intense cerebral techno. He released his debut album Be A Man You Ant (2013) on Prins Thomas' Full Pupp label, and shares a studio with Thomas ...

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  • Neneh Cherry

    Neneh Cherry

    Neneh Cherry Blank Project is her first solo album in 16 years – a collaboration with RocketNumberNine, produced by Four Tet, and featuring a guest appearance by Robyn. The 10-track album, recorded and mixed over a 5-day period will be out February 25th, 2014 on Smalltown Supersound. It follows 2012’s The Cherry Thing, a collaborative ...

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  • Idjut Boys

    Idjut Boys

    In a world in which trance DJs with names like Ferry, Armin and Tiësto plead for votes in the DJmag Top 100, it’s nice to know there are other, stranger, galaxies circling the more secular and mundane one in which we live. One such universe, Planet Idjut, is occupied by two otherwise unemployable characters called ...

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  • Todd Rundgren/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm/Emil Nikolaisen

    Todd Rundgren/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm/Emil Nikolaisen

    “Runddans is the record that Todd-heads have been waiting 40 years for. Cosmic disco pioneer Hans-Peter Lindström and Emil Nikolaisen of Serena-Maneesh have taken Todd Rundgren back to the future, back to the mid-‘70s glory days of Todd and Initiation, albums filled with spiritual longing and a desire to achieve transcendence. Dense, complex, thrillingly intricate ...

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  • Kim Hiorthøy

    Kim Hiorthøy

    Kim Hiorthøy debuted in 2000 with the critically acclaimed album Hei. This album was followed up by Melke (a collection of remixes, 7 inches, rejected tracks and tracks for compilations) in 2002 as well as several 7-inches and 12-inches, before he released his three EPs in 2004: Hopeness, Live Shet (a live set) and For ...

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