In this weeks NME there is a great 2 page Radar feature on 120 Days. Among others it says; "We`re thinking Exterminator era Primal Scream, Spiritualized, Pink Floyd and Orbital. We`re thinking of the noises robots make when they fuck, or the theme tune to Star Track episode 3,780,666. We`re thinking fishing and football`s loss is music-to-take-drugs to`s gain". At the salesstands this week. Check it out!

  • Prins Thomas

    Prins Thomas


  • André Bratten: Gode

    André Bratten: Gode

    “'Gode' is a personal album. It's the album I have always wanted to make” says André Bratten.

    The album was made between 2012 - 2015 in Oslo and Bratten sites artists like Giacinto Scelsi, Arvo Pärt, Gescom/AE, Brian Eno and Norwegian compatriot Biosphere as inspiration. “Gode" has a dual meaning in Norwegian. It’s ...

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  • Dungen: Allas Sak

    Dungen: Allas Sak

    Dungen frontman/mastermind Gustav Ejstes has been making music for nearly twenty years—at first for himself, then eventually and inevitably for all of us. As a teenager in rural Sweden, he became obsessed with hip-hop and sampling. Digging through crates and searching for obscure source material provided him with an informal education in ‘60s pop ...

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